Neighbourhood Watch

Your Neighbourhood Watch Rep for Gestingthorpe is:

Helen Skerratt    01787 237 297

Non-Emergency police call 101. Emergency 999

Helping Essex Police

Reporting dash cam and other material of interest to the Police.

The simplest way is via the online reporting system, particularly for Crime and ASB ( ) and attaching the footage as a jpeg, alternatively, the online form can be filled out and the evidence sent separately via e-mail to; (the address is provided in a link on the reporting page).


I am still being sent many scams. Please do take on board the following

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud reporting centre and the place for you to report fraud and scams, or to get advice if you’re not sure what to do.

If you’ve been a victim of fraud, you can report it to Action Fraud online. You’ll be given a crime reference number and your case will be referred on to the police force that investigates fraud.

Why contact Action Fraud?
Sometimes people choose not to report fraud because they are embarrassed that they fell for a scam.

Remember that fraud is a crime and that fraudsters will constantly reinvent themselves to find new ways of tricking people. Anyone could be a victim.

Some people also think that fraud is a victimless crime, or that it’s not as serious as other crimes. This is not true. Fraudsters are often part of serious organised criminal gangs, who use the money to fund other crimes such as human trafficking, illegal firearms trade and terrorism.

Fraudsters rely on silence. We can beat fraud if we talk.

Top 5 tips to prevent fraud

Do not give any personal information (name, address, bank details, email or phone number) to organisations or people before verifying their credentials.

Please find below information on how to report incidents or any suspicious activity to the police.

Listed below are some helpful tips that may assist you when calling Essex Police.

What number should I call?

101   This number can now be used to contact the Police anywhere in the UK - This came into force on December 5th 2011.

If it is an emergency such as a crime happening at the time call 999

If you are victim of crime try to touch as little as possible until the police arrive.

If you want to give information anonymously you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

What can you do to help reduce incidents of crime?

Be extra observant. The only persons who really know the area in which you live are the people that live there. The police may not note a suspicious person within your road, but you probably would. Neighbourhood watch area the eyes and ears of the community.

Have you noticed persons hanging around the area? These persons may be on foot, on a bike or in a vehicle.

Have you noticed a tool or a piece of equipment that has been discarded? This may have been used to commit a crime. Have you noticed anything in an odd location and thought it strange? Then report it 101

Did you hear something?

Perhaps you may have heard a noise during the evening or at night. Have a look out your window. If you note someone or a vehicle acting suspiciously then please call Essex Police straight away. Do not think that you are wasting Police time.

Did you over hear something?

Perhaps you may have over heard someone talking about a burglary / crime and can share the information with us.

How as Neighbourhood Watch can we make the area more secure?

Ensure this information is known to others within your watch group.

Some members may walk their dogs regularly during the evening and may notice something.

Look at security, Trisha Staerck the Essex Police Crime Reduction Officer can offer advice. Have a look at the Sold Secure or Secured by design websites. There are a whole host of products on sale to secure property

Mark any property with a UV or permanent marker pen – just write your house number and postcode.

Take photos of any valuable items

Think about having an alarm installed, the Crime reduction officer can assist you with this and give you advice on what you need.

What information will help the Police?

A description of the suspect(s)

Male/ Female, Ethnicity

Clothing (any patterns or logos)

Age, Height, Build, Hair colour/style

Was the suspect holding anything, goods / backpack?

Tattoos, Glasses, beard

Give any directions that the suspect is heading towards.

Do not worry if you do not have answers to all the above, just try to remember as much as you can.

Keep and pen and pad to hand if it helps you.

Vehicle information

Try to make note of the following

Registration number


Model Number

Was the vehicle sign written?

Direction of travel.

If you note something strange report it straight away. Tell the Essex Police call taker that you are a Neighbourhood Watch member.

If you noticed anything suspicious in any of the areas listed above or have any information please call Essex Police on 101 or 0300 333 4444

Please do not wait to be told about any incident before you think about suspicious activity in your area.

If you see something that perhaps does not feel right, please let us know, you may just prevent someone else becoming a victim of crime.

If you would like on advice on what to look out for please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

Essex Watch – Essex Police

Braintree office 101 ex 400166

Chelmsford office 101 ex 485952

Mobile 07970 599923

National Equine Database, for registering horses. Apparently many horse owners are now hiring out their horses to help with the upkeep costs, and of course some are never returned. The database is to allow purchasers to check whether the horse they are being offered has been stolen. She also warned that sometimes horses are being left in farmers' fields, for a few days free grazing, and then being retrieved!
Mobile numbers for PCSO's in our area, which were:
07855 781127
07855 781608 

European Commission - Press release

Europeans don't know what emergency number to call when travelling in the EU

New campaign
Whether for skiing holidays, family days out, business travel or visits to this summer's sporting events,know that 112 is the single emergency number they can call, both in and outside their home country when in trouble. Many major rail, air and other transport companies have joined Vice Presidents Neelie Kroes and Siim Kallas in a campaign to raise 112 awareness rates. The emergency number will be publicised without cost to taxpayers on e-tickets, in on-board magazines, on their company websites and through their staff.

Metal theft:

Objects targeted range widely, from cable, drain covers, lift panels from housing estates, memorial plaques, to children's playground slides, fire escape stairs, local electricity substations and even English Heritage buildings including Churches.

If you see any suspicious activity near to any of these locations please call Essex Police or Crimestoppers.

Contact details:
Essex Police Tel 101 or 999 if an emergency or
Crimestoppers Tel 0800 555 111 - Call anonymously with information about a crime

The thieves are using uniforms, stolen vans etc. One witness recently reported that they did not look like real workmen - they were working too fast.

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